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The Day Job – Tell me something good

Tell me something good about today, right now.

Ready… Go!

Anyone who has worked with me over the last few years has heard this. Nowadays, people start thinking of something good as soon as I enter the room. It’s fun to watch, really. It probably sounds silly when I ask the same thing every day, but there is a reason.

I want people to stop for just a moment in the day and think of one positive thing, and it doesn’t have to be about work. Maybe you finally paid off the car, or your sister graduated from college, or it’s your anniversary – if so, you probably shouldn’t be at work.

Asking this silly question actually serves a purpose. I get to talk to my people about what’s going on in their lives. Whatever they tell me, since I know it will likely be positive, is a great chance to connect on a personal level.

It allows me to start a conversation with people who generally won’t engage with their leadership without a darn good reason. I could walk down the passageways and hear all sorts of greetings, but 95% of the crew would let me walk right on past them, even if they really need to talk to me.

I ask the question and I get an answer that often tells me something I never knew about the person. I also get the silly, the bizarre, and sometimes just plain fun – and that counts. I respond, I congratulate, I agree, and then, and this is the important part, I wait to hear the next thing that comes out of their mouths. It’s often a question about our current events, concern about pay, a career question, or sometimes a request to talk to me later behind a closed door.

Asking for good things allows me to immediately connect in a positive way and lets me look my people in the eye when they give me their answer. Some want to give me an entire string of the good things, but I limit them to only one so they can save something for tomorrow. It’s obvious when they really have something good to talk about, and I’m lucky to hear about it.

I’ve worked in some pretty negative environments over the years, and it was no fun. I don’t want to work in those places anymore, and I have a responsibility to make sure I’m not forcing people into that kind of environment for no good reason.

So, the experiment a few years ago was to see what would happen if I  asked about good things, and what I received in return were great things.

I got people taking a moment out of their day to tell me something positive, a chance to engage and let them ask me questions in return. I also had a chance to identify people who needed a little help when they had nothing good to say a few too many times in a row.

The best part is when one of those young men or women asks me to tell them something good in return. It brightens my day and allows me to share something I want to talk about, be it a new program, new restaurant in town, or just the fact that I’m out to sea with them. It’s important for them to know that I’m doing my part to stay positive as well.

A couple weeks ago, someone came up to me and said that he hadn’t seen me come around lately asking for anything good. That was a great reminder that something as simple as a question can make a real difference, and that people want to talk about the good things in their personal and professional lives. They just need an avenue to do it sometimes.

For those of you in leadership positions, I’m not telling you to go around asking my silly question, but it is important for you to figure out the best way to connect with your people in a positive way that allows you to interact.

So, go ahead.
Hit the reply button and tell me something good about today.

I’ll start. I just identified the first charity I’m going to focus on.test logo

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12 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I came cross a family today that really needs help and I am going to do just that.

  2. Jamie says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Schools were closed today. I had a good time with my son :)

  4. Eric says:

    I had a ticket for “Failure to Change Address” (driver license) dismissed this morning. ^_^

  5. theval2000 says:

    I listened to a lot of music I really like. I read a lot, The sun was out, I used my clothesline. A friend whose company I enjoy came over. I realize these are more than one thing, hard to pin down just one good thing 😉 Yay for YOUR good thing :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Received a hug from a Daisy Girl Scout tonight because she thought it was cool that I drove our council’s specialty vehicle to the event so the girls could tour it :)

  7. Anonymous says:

    I had a friend who died a few days ago suddenly, however, my good thing is that he was a positive person in my life and I will always be so thankful for the mentorship and time he gave me. I owe him so much.

  8. Bridie says:

    I got to go and see David Tennant play Richard II in Stratford upon Avon :-)

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have a cookie.

  10. Joelle says:

    I will seriously start using your question!
    The good thing today:
    I went hiking 6 miles with family and friends, the kids are still smiling and talking to me… It must have been ok!

  11. robert Hemmingway says:

    While witnessing the Veterans Day Parade I saw many reasons to be grateful.

  1. May 3, 2014

    […] Tell me something good about today, right now. Ready… Go! Anyone who has worked with me over the last few years has heard this. Nowadays, people start t  […]

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