About Jamie


     Jamie Tinker is an active-duty Navy sailor originally from Bangor, Maine, where his family owned a small bookstore. A 24-year career has seen Jamie reach the highest enlisted rank on a warship, and developed him into an experienced public speaker and an accomplished instructor. He has recently started writing and publishing for charity with his highly successful nonfiction blog series The Day Job

     The Day Job is a collection of life lessons and military mentorship written for the general audience. A cross between All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten and The Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell, the series offers a rare look at personal and professional development never before shared at length by someone of his rank. This is not about being the CEO of a business, but short essays on the everyday struggles to connect, communicate, and mentor at the most common level. His years of experience making his ship and the people on it successful are now available for you to apply towards your own personal and professional success.


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