The Widow’s Warning

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The Widow’s Warning

Serina never believed in magic, but she can’t explain how a rich man’s blood ended up on her hands, or his body at her feet. The only way to save her own life was to flee the Interrogator and seek refuge at the last asylum still standing. But for Serina, the danger within the asylum’s walls may be greater than the threats without. There is no safe place for a fugitive struggling with a sickness she doesn’t understand.

Thoren willingly gave up his comfortable life to join Serina on her flight to the Highlands, but what he finds there will shake him to his core. The Sagas he’s studied his whole life are no more than children’s stories compared to the complex new tales he finds, which describe a frighteningly familiar girl who will destroy the world—starting with him.

Can two friends save themselves from a truth long hidden in a forgotten vault of books?

What should have been their ending is just the beginning, because Serina’s not a witch. She’s something worse.