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Thomas Hill Publishing has a unique approach to both publishing and community support. Coined as an independent charity publisher, a growing list of authors are contributing nonfiction articles, short fiction, and poetry chapbooks all sold for charity.

With the charity changing once or twice a year, this creates a constant exposure to new audiences, addressing our most significant obstacle in publishing today: visibility amidst an avalanche of new writers.

Not only do authors get to participate by contributing articles to The Day Job, my weekly mentorship series with a growing list of traditional and kindle subscribers, but other professionals are encouraged to as well.

The goal is to allow those in leadership, management, and mentorship positions to build credibility in our ever-changing professional landscape. All articles posted on the site are eligible to be published in the annual Day Job collection. Additionally, each contributor will be added to the Authors and Contributors page. 

Thomas Hill Publishing does not retain ownership of any work beyond the published collections, allowing authors to use their work in other projects as they see fit in the future. To that end, I do not purchase the works contributed by our authors, and I do not accept novel-length manuscripts.

There is nothing more important than solid storytelling, strong prose, and the desire to share good writing with the world. I hope we can do it together for a good cause.

If you are interested in contributing, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or via the contact page. Please do not send manuscripts until we’ve talked about the best way for you to participate and submission guidelines.

I’m always looking for articles for The Day Job, and will put out the call for submissions for a 2015 anthology of short horror soon.

Start preparing those stories if you have them. If not, start writing!

– JT