The first anthology, currently untitled, with a planned publication date of mid to late 2015 will be of short horror. Please contact me via the contact page to discuss your project. Looking for stories with any word count under 20k. I’m not looking for novellas at this time, but I don’t mind being surprised if there’s a great one out there.

PLEASE do not send unsolicited manuscripts or attachments in email until directed. I do everything electronically, so please do not send anything by snail mail.

I’m not too formal, but I do like to see a query letter for fiction and at least a contact email for Day Job articles.

The Day Job series:

If you’ve ever had a day job and learned a life lesson from it that you want to share, please contact me so we can talk about content and format guidelines.
Not a professional writer?
Don’t worry, and please don’t feel like your message isn’t valuable. I enjoy working with people to get their lessons in order and published.

Submission guidelines:

Please contact me via the contact page prior to sending any manuscripts. After our initial contact, we can discuss format requirements.